A downloadable versus, for Windows

Actually, this is some kind of crossover game where 3 characters (others pending) collide and face each other like St***t F***ter, B**z B**e, fighting games or something. This is an RPG game but fighting in RPG style.

Arcade - Choose your character (Suzuki, Leonara, or Zephyr) and the battle begin. That's it. But you have to survive and win the fight. Each characters have their own skills and advantage. Like: 

Suzuki has more STR (deal more damage)

Leonara has more DEF (less damage taken)

Zephyr has more AGI (means he attack first)


1) Story preview

2)????? (secret battle that I use for test)

Coming pending update: 

1) Story Mode (featuring bad guy D.E.A.L.E.R)

p/s: got 2 songs by Sakagami Souichi that I forgot to credit.


1 August 2018 - "Endings" update for arcades

27 August 2018 - Version 0.3 : New Characters + VS CPU Update

4 October 2018 - Version 0.4 : Added 'Akira' only for 'VS CPU Mode' only + Extra (VS Mutant & VS Mecha

Install instructions

Before extract, scan file for virus. After extract, scan file for virus again. If the files okay, you can execute the game.


RPG VS 0.1 (Creditted TRIALS & ERRORS).zip 160 MB
RPG VS 0.2 (Ending Arcade Update).zip 206 MB
RPG VS 0.3 (New Characters + VS CPU Update).zip 226 MB
RPG VS 0.4 (Add Akira + Extra 2 battles).zip 239 MB

Development log

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