A downloadable asset pack

Gaia's Melody : Echoed Melodies (GM:EM) was originally by Echo607 (https://echoedgames.itch.io/gaiasmelodyechoedmelodies)

This is just a set of SV sprites fan-made (I made)about a year, and it's time to let them go.

Only use for RPG Maker MV in Side-View Battle.

I have sample game that I used just to have fun: https://kayzaman.itch.io/rpg-vs  (all images and musics are encrypted)

Inside ZIP file contains:

1. Akira

2. Zephyr

3. Kachie (Pink Beret)

4. The Evil King of Mirrikh (you know who)

5. Possessed ??????

Terms of Use :

Only can use for RPG Maker MV. Not for commercial, not for sale, use for test.

1) For non-commercial use only.

2) Only use for RPG Maker MV. Using other than RPG Maker MV, please ask me first.

3) Credit Kay Zaman for sprites and Echo607 for OC (Original Character).

4) Do not abuse the materials.

Thank you.

Install instructions

Scan virus (just in case). Then try them on RPG Maker MV (only).


GMEM SV Sprites by KayZaman for RPGMMV.zip 1 MB