A downloadable Dungeon Busters for Windows

What is Dungeon Busters?

'Dungeon Busters' is an RPG game. Enter a dungeon as your mission to annihilate/defeat monsters, especially bosses. 


Red the hero, dungeon adventurer, given mission to enter dungeon for one purpose, defeat the boss.

But he's not alone.


1) This is for Indie Game Maker Contest 2018 Jam.

2) I hate 'First Person View'(FPV) Battle System (using RPG Maker MV) because I can't see my characters' faces and emotions. So this is my new challenge. Thus, I made it.

Thanks to Yanfly's plugin (http://yanfly.moe/), I made it. They idle, attack, cast, hurt, poison and KO' by looking at their faces. 

Like this Chant;

...and you can check other screenshots.

So, that's my challenge.

Credits: Yanfly (http://yanfly.moe/), MogHunter (https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/), KADOKAWA, Yoji Ojima

Extra: RPG Maker VX Ace by KADOKAWA for generator, Garageband by Apple Inc., Procreate by Savage and Adobe Photoshop Mix by Adobe.

Install instructions

Before download, prepare your antivirus.

After you download, scan for virus. If safe, unzip the file, double click 'Game', and the game begin.

If not safe, you can delete the game and report to me.

Thank you.


Dungeon Buster.zip 144 MB